Monday, October 24, 2011

Dirty Dozen Race

Just for fun and everybody can join it......

Advertisement from Muscat Cycling Club.

Oman National MTB Race Series ("The Dirty Dozen")

Weekend Warriors!!

For the first time in Oman, a National Mountain Bike Race Series will be held to determine the strongest, fastest and fittest mountain bike rider in Oman

And it gives me great pleasure to extend an invitation to all of you to take part.

Categories include Ladies and Men in both the Open and Master age categories.

There are 12 races in the series, known as "The Dirty Dozen".

The objective is simple: to get as many people out on the trails to ride and race. 

The series is a grassroots, low-budget one and is open to everyone who is resident in Oman

There is NO prize money, NO yellow jersey, NO raz-a-mataz t-shirts.  Just the recognition that whoever wins is the outright strongest gents or ladies mountain bike rider in Oman!!

And it's FREE to all.

You race to earn points and the individual from each category who has the most points by the end of the series will be crowned National Oman MTB Race Series Champion.  Please read the details below and get back to me with any questions.

Please feel free to call me on 99218962 or email me at lake_arapakis@yahoo.com.

The first race of the series kicks off on Friday 28th October at the BT Racetrack area.

See you on the start line!

Train well,


Race formats:

Exclusively Cross Country Events comparable to the UCI Olympic and Marathon distances.  The Olympic distances typically take between 60 to 90 minutes to complete.  The Marathon distances can be 80+ km in length and will be stages from the TransHajar event..

Race Procedure:

The location of the start of each race will be published shortly and you will need to arrive at least a half hour before the designated start time. 

All starts will be a group start. 

Start times will be published and there will be no delays. 

The routes will be marked.  Where appropriate water stations will be provided, but they will only supply water and fruit.


            Open Men and Open Women (those less than 40 on the 1st April 2011)
Masters Men and Women (those over 40 on the 1st April 2011)

Who can race:

Anyone from anywhere in Oman can participate, but to receive series points and attain the ultimate prize of Oman National MTB Series Champion you must be resident in Oman.



Series Point Scoring System:

Points will be allotted to the first 10 places based on the following system.  You need to compete in as many events as possible to amass as many points as possible.  If you skip a ride then you need to make up any deficit in the next few races...

The Trans Hajar positions will be determined for those who are actually competing in the series relative to other series racers in the given stage.  For example if you come in 5th over all for a given stage, you may actually be the first across the line of those registered for the series...

Place Points
1 60
2 50
3 40
4 45
5 42
6 40
7 38
8 36
9 35
10 34

Race Schedule:

The series is made up of 12 events.  The Marathon events will start early morning to avoid the heat as much as possible, and the Olympic events will start in the afternoon to take advantage of the cooling temperatures.

The following legend applies to the race events:

XCO = Cross Country Olympic Distance - about 60-90 minutes of racing
XCM = Cross Country Marathon - typically 80km (or more)

Race Month Event Date Race Area
1 October XCO Friday 28th October 2011 BT Racetrack
2 November XCO Friday 25th November 2011 BT Racetrack
3 December XCM Friday 16th December 2011 TransHajar 2011 Stage 1
4 January XCO Friday 13th January 2012 BT Racetrack
5 January XCM Friday 20th January 2012 Arqi Loop blended with Wadi Quriyat
6 February (TransHajar) XCO Wednesday 1st February 2012 TransHajar 2012 Time Trial
7 February (TransHajar) XCM Thursday 2nd February 2012 TransHajar 2012 Stage 1
8 February (TransHajar) XCM Friday 3rd February 2012 TransHajar 2012 Stage 2
9 February (TransHajar) XCM Saturday 4th February 2012 TransHajar 2012 Stage 3
10 March XCM Friday 2nd March 2012 Ruins Ride
11 March XCO Thursday 15th March Club's Annual MTB Race
12 April XCO Friday 6th April 2012 To be decided...

Water Stations with water and fruit will be provided

1.To qualify for points you must be resident (nationals and expats) in Oman.
2.All participants must wear a helmet.
3.All participants are expected to abide by the laws of Oman and display good sportsmanship.
4.You need to register your intent to participate in the series and sign the appropriate disclaimer.  A copy of your resident card will be required.

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